Learn about the Team at Puerto Rico Highway and Transportation Authority (HTA), including our Executive Director of the HTA.

Photo of Dr. Edwin E. Gonzalez-Montalvo

Dr. Edwin E. Gonzalez-Montalvo

Executive Director of the HTA

Dr. González-Montalvo is an infrastructure professional with over fifteen (15) years  of experience in infrastructure/real asset investment & finance decisions,  infrastructure/real asset management, public sector procurement, and public private partnerships (P3s). Dr. González-Montalvo doctoral studies explored  governance and risk management mechanisms, fiscal support mechanisms to make  projects financially viable, and identification and assessment of innovation in  infrastructure projects. Previously, he led CPM’s P3 and Strategic Advisory Division  in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean and provided program & technical advisory  services for cross-sector projects. Dr. González-Montalvo currently leads the  Puerto Rico Highway and Transportation Authority as its Executive Director since  January 2021.